Seen it on TV? Heard about it on Facebook? This is the real deal! Challenging for all skill levels, CrossFit is designed to meet you exactly where you are and take you to where you want to be. All movements are scaled for your level so that you can safely become stronger and fitter. Our CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. CrossFit combines strength and endurance training by methods such as Olympic lifting, cardio, kettlebell training, basic gymnastic skills and plyometrics. Classes are 1 hour.

Why CrossFit?

Our classes are small and coaches focus on the athletes-- We push you to be better and provide you with skills that are applicable to every day life. You are surrounded by a great motivating group of people who will help you achieve your goals.

What if I can't do the workout?
Every CrossFit workout is scaled and/or modified to the athlete. Please do not let our workouts scare you! We meet you at YOUR level.

How do I get started? 

If you’re new to CrossFit, and looking to get started with our group classes, you will need to take our fundamentals course.

This is a 3 one hour, one-on-one (or small group) personal training sessions with a coach  Please schedule your appointment if you are new to CrossFit.  The Basics course is $150 and will include your first month of membership.

The emphasis of this course  is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements. It is designed to get you familiar with common movements and comfortable at our facility. During the  course we focus on technique both to ensure your safety and success. We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then increase intensity.

Send us an email at to schedule your appointment.




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