Our Staff

Coach/Owner Jamie Tirrell

I started my career as a cross country runner and track athlete in high school. I continued my passion for sports by studying exercise science at the University of Michigan. I found CrossFit by chance  in July of 2012 when I moved to Houston, TX. It has made be a faster runner and a better athlete and also introduced me to a social network of incredible people. I love helping others start their journey and find their own confidence! CrossFit has changed every aspect of my life for the better! 

Contact info: Jamie@cypresscrossfitclub.com or 517-231-4362


Coach/Owner Devon Perry

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2017 with a degree in Sport Management.  While there I developed a deep interest in Kinesiology through my classes while getting my degree and wanted to go into coaching.  After graduating I began working in the event business and have worked for the Merrell Center and Berry Center, instead of going into coaching.

Prior to CrossFit I never understood why people would do it and believed a standard gym was all people should need.  Then I tried to my first CrossFit class and instantly fell in love with it.  I joined the next day, became a trainer the following year, and the next year took over as an owner with my business partner Jamie. 

As an athlete I get the most out of myself by doing CrossFit.  I have never been able to push myself as hard as I do a the box in that group atmosphere.  The community atmosphere that we have cultivated at Cypress CrossFit Club has been amazing to support and push each other. 

As a trainer I always look to get the best out of all of the athletes in my class.  I look forward to assisting anyone with their form and believe there is always room for improvement.  Just about everyone is able to do CrossFit despite what their physical limitations may be today.  With time, discipline, and hard work even our weaknesses can become strengths.

While I never became a football/basketball coach like I thought I wanted to be when I graduated college, I have been able to fill the void of my love for coaching by being a CrossFit Coach/Owner. 

Contact info: Devoncperry@gmail.com or 210-313-6542


General Manager/Coach Stephen Bartholomew


Contact info: Stephen@cypresscrossfitclub.com or 832-943-7822


Coach (and towel fairy) Katie Perry 

Growing up I was always involved in sports. Fitness was a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. However, when I had my first son I found myself so in love with being a mom that I quickly gave up on going for runs and working out. 4 years later afterhaving my 2nd son, I found myself heavier than ever and extremely depressed. I loved my boys and wanted to spend every second with them, but something was just missing in my life. In September 2014 a friend introduced me to CrossFit Relic and I fell in love with the challenges CrossFit had to offer. I realized that I needed to invest in my fitness, not only for myself, but also for my boys. In 2018 I became a Level 1 trainer in hopes of helping others in their fitness journey as well.


Coach Mariana Hill

I decided to give Crossfit a try at the beginning of 2012 and have been hooked ever since. I love the intensity and variety that happens in an hour class and how it’s the most effective and efficient workout I’ve ever done.  By day I’m a high school English teacher which allows me to share my love of learning with others. Now, after being an avid crossfitter for six years, I decided to become a coach so that I can do the same with the awesome members of the C3 community.


Coach Andy Perez

I began my CrossFit journey in May of 2013 and Immediately knew this was going to a tough experience. But I was up for the challenge. Through the days, weeks, months and now years of CrossFitting, I have a profound passion for CrossFit and the desire to coach/ motivate others to experience a life changing chapter in their lives as I did. I have had several coaches (old and new) help me to get where I am today and want to be able to do the same for other athletes. I want to be able to share that with other athletes. When I started CrossFitting, my goal was to complete a month before I decided if it was for me.... I knew after the second week I was hooked! I started with attainable goals and progressively increased them to harder goals for myself. I look forward helping you through your CrossFit journey! DETERMINED!!!!


Coach/ Dietitian (and cleaning crew) Alex Reese


I began my CrossFit adventure late summer 2013, looking to make friends and get into better shape. As a former high school athlete and an on and off member of various fitness centers, I was always thin even considered a "skinny-fat" body type at times . I struggled with consistency in my workouts. CrossFit is not just for those people trying to lose weight. I have been able to stick with CrossFit and often find it difficult to stay away, not just from the workouts but the community of people who I've developed lasting friendships with. I am now stronger, have put on more muscle, become faster and more coordinated, thanks to CrossFit. Never would I have thought I could put on 20lbs while simultaneously improving my mile run to sub 6 minutes. CrossFit preaches overall fitness and well-being. As a Registered Dietitian, I know firsthand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. For those us who are competitive in nature, this is a way to always push the limits to improve to be more fit, run faster, and be stronger. Another great thing about CrossFit is that you are never done improving. Seeing the progress is addictive both in yourself and others.


Coach Sarah Hagar

I went to my first CrossFit class in the fall of 2013.  It also happened to be my “basics” class.  At the time, I had no background in weightlifting, especially Olympic weightlifting movements. However, I stuck with it and decided to sign up for an unlimited membership.  IT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF.  In the first year of CrossFit I entered and competed in 4 competitions, ran in the Tough Mudder and did a Spartan race.  The amazing thing about CrossFit is that it embraces any person willing to try it.  It meets you at YOUR level and helps you become a better athlete. That is what I absolutely love about CrossFit.  I hope that I can help you achieve and meet your fitness goals!


Coach Brandon Ermis


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