Time for a change?

Our mission is to provide a positive atmosphere that empowers our members towards a healthier, happier life.

Cypress Crossfit Club (C3) is a certified CrossFit Affiliate¬† dedicated to your health and fitness. We are more than just a CrossFit Box, we are a family dedicated to promoting a healthy, competitive and friendly community. We are all in our fitness journey together, yet our programs are tailored to meet individual needs. You will find our members to be encouraging, helpful, and friendly.¬† In addition to CrossFit, we offer endurance classes, body composition analysis, and nutrition consults by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. Regardless of your current ability, we can help you make the change you’ve been wanting.

Why not try it for free?

Every Saturday we open our doors to the community to come workout with us free of charge. Meet the coaches, hear firsthand the experiences from current members, and get a small taste of what CrossFit is about. Saturday workouts are designed to be more cardio specific, so no heavy weight lifting and no intimidation factor! We’ll give you the workout, teach you all the basic movements, and you decide how much of the workout you can tackle. Are you up for the challenge?! Did we mention it’s FREE?

No Sweat Intro

Schedule your No-Sweat Intro! We’ll be glad to meet with you and go over your goals to make sure we’re the right fit for you. Schedule your session by sending us an email or giving us a call!


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Nutrition Consult

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Body Composition Analysis

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